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Check out some cool paint jobs. These are actual paint jobs - they are not (to the best of my knowledge) enhanced in any way, this is what the car, plane, whatever looked like when the picture was taken.

This is so cool. This Sidewalk Art is amazing. These painting are actually painted on a flat sidewalk. A friend of mine in Louisiana sent me these - this just blows my mind!

Awesome paintings - Here are 7 cool trucks. Someone painted the trailers for a contest. The last one won, but I like the first one best. Check 'em out

More cool Optical Illusions - Check em out!

My Dad sent me some pictures taken with a VERY fast camara. Also, I have included some other pretty cool military pictures from another friend of mine. Check out these awsome shots!

Here is the new Diamons Ad Campaign, this is pretty funny, but has a little adult content (careful Harold :)

Have you ever seen something and said, "That's Just Not Right" - well, here are some of those images! Extreme Acts of Wrongness

This is a funny cartoon a friend of mine sent me, you'll just have to see it.
Caution - contains adult content.

Here are some Twisted Cartoons sent by Charlie - he sends me a lot of the stuff that ends up on this page - THANKS CHARLIE!

These are some great cartoons from my lovley wife Check them out
Caution - contains adult content.

Want to know how to teach men how to use Microsoft Word? Right click here, click "Save Target As", and save the document. Next, open it in Word (Wordpad will not work, it has to be Microsoft Word), and folow the instructions - Pretty cool!

These are some really cool Digitally Edited pictures - Thanks again Charlie!


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