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Cute Stuff

Here are a bunch of cute pictures
A Letter to your Cat or Dog
Kids say the darndest things!
The Cost of Rasing a Child
Things you need to know about Children
Love - From the Mouths of Children
Some pretty good quotes about dogs...
More reasons why we love kids!
Why did God make mothers?

Jokes from the Internet and Email

Jokes Archive

Girlfrinds Cheating
An Italian, an Irishman and a Chinese fellow
A Letter from Camp
A monkey and a lizard smoking a joint
Wild Party
3 Great Police Stories
How to Impress a Woman
The Prison Escapee
Health Q&A from Dr. Nick Riviera
Deer Hunting
Man Club Rules
A Senator Dies and Goes to heaven...
Cardiologist Funeral
You Must Be In Management
I Didn't Do It
Here are some stupid voters
How to Handle a Husband
68 Things to do in Walmart
Confessions of a Happily Married Man
Be quiet - we're hunting
Muslim Extremist Bumper Stickers
Are My Testicles Black?
What goes around...
Sunday Quickie
How to shower like a woman/man
Choosing a Wife
The Old Farmer
The Obedient Wife
Welcome to The Husband Store
The Duck Hunter
Who Said Men Don't Remember?
Jerusalem Vacation
Ole Blue
Differences between Men and Women
A Great Drunk Joke

Blonde Jokes

Watch The Tree!
Free Windows
Parking Rules During a Snowstorm
A couple more Blonde jokes
Two Sisters
Light Bulb

A Few For the Ladies

Q and A for Women
Feel old? Read this...
Some Interesting Info on Women's Ass Size
He Said - She Said
The Broken Lawn Mower
A Woman's Poem
The Inheritance

Funny Stories

Snappy Answers
16 Thing that I've learned
How to calm a child
Some of things we learn from movies
The differences between men and women
In The Beginning...
I can't believe we made it!
Importaint Information about your Health
Some things to ponder - this is great!
Andy Rooney's Tips for Telemarketers
A story about a Great poker Player
A Great Explanation of Life
I Can't Be That Old!
Redneck Etiquette
Who's to Blame?
A nice story - From a Grandfather
The Train
Gotta Love Senior Citizens
Where would you be without an email address?
Simple Home Remedies
The Mommy Test
Detective Diaperís harrowing adventure
Where do pets come from?
Dear Husband...
A heart warming story...
Lizard Birthing Story
The Squirrel Of Death
Best Divorce Letter - EVER
Funny taser story

True (mostly) and interesting stuff

Things we learn as we mature
Here are some facts about my home town, Atlanta!
Things you know if your Southern
The truth about Manure
Importaint things you have to know
Stupid Lawsuits - The 2003 Winners
The truest definition of Globalization
A Very Interesting Read
Mind Teasers of Common Knowledge
11 very importaint Life Rules
One of the best comback lines EVER
Conversation in a grocery store
Is hell exothermic or endothermic?
Santa from an Engineer's Perspective
Where do those old sayings come from?
Are you a child of the 80s?
New Math
40 Things you may not know
Doctors and Guns - Amazing Statistics
Little Knows Facts about State Laws
Questions for people that know everything
Bartenders Psychology
How well can you handle stress?
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Mosquito Repellent

Why I Like Drag Racing!

Computer Related Funnys

The Smoking Power Supply
Computers and cars
Watch out for this computer virus - It's bad!

Mostly Political, and Patriotic

The BEST economics lesson ever!
I'm a Bad American
Immigrants, NOT Americans, must adapt
A Poem for the French
Obituary of a dear friend
The Bill Of No Rights

Political Fun

Difference between Conservatives and Liberals
Bush's 9/11 Speech before the layers edited it.
Our Government in Action!
The New Mid East Peace Policy
A Winning Plan for Peace
The Division of Humanity
Finally someone put Fat Teddy in his place!
Think Bush is the worst president in history?
The Senate Prayer - this is pretty good
Who are the best patients to operate on?
The Illegal Immigrants Poem
John Kerry is a Saint
Differences on the War on Terror
Train Tickets - Bush and Clinton
See You Tomorrow - This is a MUST READ!
21 ways to be a good Democrat
Job Interview
I Broke into Your Home

Politically Correct Stories

The 12 Days of Christmas
The Three Little Pigs
The Story of the Red Hen
The Ant and the Grasshopper
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Noah and the Arc

On the serious side...

I wan't to tell them lies
A Dad's Story (get your tissue!)
Slow Dance - author unknown

Other Fun Internet Finds

Computer Screen Cleaner (Adult)
Motivational Posters