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This page is dedicated to jokes, strange stories, pictures, unusual happenings - things like that. The internet is full of information and useful content, but it also has it's share of stuff that won't change your life in any way, shape, or form. That's what this page is all about. If it really doesn't make a difference in your life, but it's funny, I'll put it here. I'm sure you get a lot of good emails from friends - jokes, pictures, stories - that's where almost EVERYTHING on this page comes from. Enjoy!

One more thing, there are some cartoons on here that have some adult content. In my option, most would get a PG rating, however I know there are a few people that look at this page that don't appreciate things like that. For them, I have included Red Adult lables on the things that have any adult content.
I hope I didn't miss any