Muslim Extremist Bumper Stickers

  1. My other car is a bomb
  2. This vehicle makes wide right turns into buildings
  3. Allah is my co-pilot
  4. My other car is a flying carpet.
  5. I'd rather be Jihading.
  6. If you don't like the way I drive, stay out of the World Trade Center
  7. Keep honking. I am rewiring.
  8. Visualize World Jihad
  9. 0 to KABOOM in .2 seconds.
  10. Support our suicidal extremists
  11. My 12-year-old can blow up your honor student
  12. In case of Jihad this car will be exploded
  13. What part of ULLULULULULULULU did you not understand? - Allah
  14. 72 Virgins or Bust!
  15. Martyrs do it like it's their last time
  16. My kid and YOUR money go to Gitomo Bay.
  17. I'm Muslim but you're ugly and I can blow myself up
  18. Baby Terrorist On Board
  19. If you can read this, there's a car bomb in the trunk.
  20. After I pray, I slay.
  21. Proud parent of Suicide Bomber!
  22. A terrorist is my co-pilot
  23. Fatah you looking at?
  24. Don't blame me, I voted for Saddam
  25. Honk if you Beat your Wife
  26. If the van is a rockin Allah will soon be knockin
  27. Driver carries only $20 worth of C4