CJ - A Little Angel

November 2005 through December 2005

October 11th 2005 - Bubble Boy!

December 9th 2005 - Sleeping with the dog...

Getting ready for Christmas! - The gifts from Santa...

Here is the tiny drum set, Jean thinks it's the cutest thing she has ever seen (It is pretty darn cute!). To the left of the drums is the cool Home Depot tool set, complete with all power tools and a tool belt!

December 17th - Christmas at Dad and Sheri's

Christmas morning at our house

Christmas at Mom's - His new Chainsaw!

December 26th - His new bed
Jean and I were watching a movie after CJ went to bed Christmas night. We heard a thump from somewhere, and then CJ's door closed - he got out of the crib! Well, we couldn't have him jumping out of a 4 foot high crib in the middle of the night, so now he has a big-boy-bed.

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