CJ - A Little Angel


Here are some pics taken over 2010...

January 2010 - Muscle man!!

Feb 12th 2010 - We got snow. Too busy playing to get many pics, but Jean got a few

May 5th 2010 - Disney and Universal Vacation

The first pic was CJ sitting on a live aligator and holding his mouth! The second was the first time we went down Splash Mountain in Disney. We rode this ride more then any other :)

Click here for more Orlando Vacation picutres

May 7th 2010 - CJ and Nathan with their Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts

May 11th 2010 - CJ's Most Improved Student Award

September 8th 2010 - First Cub Scout pictures

September 11th 2010 - CJ, Nathan, and I spent the night in the fort

September 28th 2010 - Cub Scout pack meeting - CJ received 4 belt loops for Swimming, Baseball, Bowling, and Soccer

October 18th 2010 - CJ lost his first tooth!

October 24th 2010 - Doing a little yard work...

October 30th 2010 - Colonel Cob's Corn Maze - CJ won Scariest Costume in the Costume Contest!!

October 31st 2010 - Halloween - Trick or Treating

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