Triumph - Ordinary Man

Look in the mirror tell me what do you see
Or can you lie to yourself like you're lyin' to me
Do you fall asleep real easy feelin' justified and right
Or do you wake up feelin' empty in the middle of the night

You want to think you're different, but you know you never can
You're just another ordinary man

Hey politician, can't believe a word you say
Almighty media, whose truth d'you sell today?
Watchdog of justice, who keeps their eye on you?
Con man, song in hand, who you singin' to?

The more I get to see, the less I understand
I'm just another ordinary man

Ordinary man
Just another Ordinary man
Ordinary man
Comes a time to take a stand

No rest for the wicked - they get it while they can
The preachers and the teachers and your local Congressman
Everybody plays the game they played since time began
Lawyers and accountants - your media man

Everybody's talkin' but nothin's gettin' said
You're looking for the truth you better take a look inside your head
I see the flash of lightnin' I hear the thunder roll
A hungry knive, a slice of life It cuts another soul

Power finds it's way to those who take a stand
Stand up ordinary man

Once I thought the truth was gonna set me free
But now I feel the chains of its responsibility
I will not be a puppet, I cannot play it safe
I'll give myself away with a blind and simple faith
I'm just the same as you I just do the best I can
That's the only answer...for an ordinary man

Ordinary man
Just another Ordinary man
Ordinary man

No such thing as easy answers
You play to win and you take your chances

Ordinary man
Just another Ordinary man

Here's to health, here's to wealth
May you never doubt yourself

Ordinary man
Just another Ordinary man

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