Back deck 2014

Replaced the flooring, railing, and extended the deck 10 feet.

Here are a coupe pics of the deck before we did anything, and the new deck extension (still on the trailer).

Getting the supports up and where they need to be.

Squaring everything up and leveling everything out.

Installing the floor joists.

Cut the 6x6's even with the floor joist. Ready for decking and railing!

Had the decking delivered today (Thursday). It will be next week before we start putting it on.

I reinforced the existing deck a little. The people who built it did a good job (from what I can see), but I wanted to add a little more strength to the deck in the center.

Beginning to remove the old decking and railing.

CJ was respionsible for a lot of the demolition. Jean and I got the decking up, but CJ carefully dissassembled the rest with a hammer!

Found some damaged wood under the bay window. Luckily the only damage was to the siding and trim, the wood underneath was fine.

All fixed up and ready to continue. We are having the house pressure washed and painted next month, that's why the trim isn't painted.

New decking being applied. I wish it were that easy!

Finishing the decking and adding the posts for the railing.

Now, time to add the railing! We need a couple more 6x6's to finish up, but I can't get them until next Saturday.

Finished until Spring when we can stain...


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