Our House - The Back Yard

Our back yard has a really bad slope, se we decided to do something about that. The plan is to have a RR tie wall near the shed, a level spot for CJ's swimming pool (8 ft diameter), clear a spot for the swing set, level off the right half of the yard and maybe (just maybe) get some grass to grow one day!

Phase 1 - The back yard after playing with a Bobcat! May 17th 2007

Here are a couple of me and CJ on the Bobcat. This thing was a lot of fun!!!

Some pics of the yard. The Bobcat goes home tomorrow, so everything else will have to be done my hand

Phase 2 - Leveling out the yard, get ready for RR Ties - May 20th 2007

Took these pictures Sunday, before we started...

Pretty much have it the way we want it, removed a TON of rocks!
Hopfully the next pictures will have Rail Road ties, then a little grass :)

The Grass Seed...

Building the wall - May 28th 2007 (Memorial Day)

Building the wall - May 30th 2007
Got a little more done. When Jean finishes the left side I'll start stacking RR ties there too
(That sounds bad doesn't it? I'm NOT making my wife dig the hill.
However, she would be finished if it wern't for the FROG!)

Still building the wall - June 3rd 2007 Finished right side, working on left side...

July 15th 2007 - Finished with grass already!

Pannng around the yard...

More pictures to come...


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