This command line program converts RSS v.2 XML files to HTML in order to make your RSS feed available to visitors viewing with a regular web browser. It is also useful if you want to incorporate RSS feeds in to your existing HTML documents.

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML format designed for sharing web content like news headlines. An RSS service (also known as an RSS channel) consists of a list of items, each of which contains a headline, description, and a link to a web page. To use RSS, you will need a special RSS news reader or aggregator that will allow you to collect and display RSS service. RSS news readers allow you to view the service you select all together in the same place and, by automatically retrieving updates, stay current with new content soon after it is published.

That's where RSS to HTML comes in

This will allow you to create webpages that will always display the most current information from your RSS feed, and since the resulting page is HTML, it can be easily included into any existing page.

The usage is very straight forward, if there are no parameters included, other than the name of the xml file to convert, the program will add only the links, and name the new file will be Conv_rss.html

There are a few optional parameters:

  1. HTML File to create - This is the name of the HTML file you want the program to create.
  2. -d      This will add the description under the each link if it is available in the xml file
  3. -i       This will format the link list for Internet Explorer using ul, /ul, li, and /li tags
  4. -t       This will add the date and time if it is available in the xml file
  5. -h      This will add headders, footers, and a title making a complete html document
  6. -l 5    The letter L followed by a space and a number - This will add only the first 5 links from the rss (xml) file

Here are a few command line examples, the rss (xml) file we'll use is called test.xml, if you want to view this file, click here

rsstohtml test.xml newfile1.html -i
This will convert the file test.xml to html format and call the new file newfile1.html and use list tags for Internet Explorer (HTML 3.2 or higher) - Example

rsstohtml test.html newfile2.html -i -d
Same as the first example, but the description is added below the link (just like these examples) - Example

rsstohtml test.xml newfile3.html -i -d -t
Same as the above example but we are adding the date and time of the link to the end of the link, on the same line - Example

rsstohtml test.xml newfile4.html -i -d -t -h
Here we created a new HTML page, complete with title, and included the link descriptions if available - Example

Click here to download shareware version
This is a fully functional version, but it adds a shareware message to the html document.

If you would like to purchase this software, the cost is $15.00, through PayPal
If you have any question, please feel free to email me at

I have another program that will download the rss feed, convert the links to HTML format, and add them to an existing page automatically. This program is what's currently updating the news feeds on my home page.
For more information on this application, go to


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