Here are our cars... Why?
Who knows, just 'cause I guess

The newest addition to our family - 2006 Yamaha FZ6

Purchased May 10th 2011 from Lawrenceville Honda/Yamaha

Dirt bikes and such

Click here for pics of out toys, dirtbikes, and stuff

Jean's 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

Purchased Feburary 2005

Eddie's 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP

Purchased December 2001

Click on the picture above for modifications on this car.

Eddie's 1992 Ford Ranger

Purchased October 1999

Retired Vehicles

Jean's 1997 Ford Thunderbird

Retired February 2005

After the accident on 2-11-05

She was hit by a guy running a red light while talking on his cell phone!
Jean is OK (THANK GOD!), her back is sore and she was pretty shaken up
after being spun completly around and facing the direction she was originally
going, but she will be fine. The car is a total loss

Eddie's 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix - After the accident in May 2001

A guy pulled out in front of my daughter and I. We slid down a 20 foot deep
ditch trying not to hit him. If I would have hit them, the driver probably
would have been killed since I would have hit him right in the drivers door
going about 55 MPH. Amber had a spraned hand, I got 2 fractured vertibre.
The car was a total loss


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