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Welcome to my Visual Basic development page. Below you will find some of my most used routines, as well as source code and links to other valuable information.

Code Snippets and Samples

My Error Handling routine can be found here.

Here is a table of HTML Error Codes

Source Code - Visual Basic 6.0 sp5

File Sync

This program copies files from one location to another, checking file date and size to see if a file of the same name is in the destination directory. It can copy a directory tree, creating the new directories as needed. If the files are copied from a CD, the file attributes can be changed from Read-Only to Normal. This makes it easy to edit the copied files without having to manually change the attributes. This was written mainly for my personal use to copy files from my home PC to the PC where I work,


This is a VERY simple, and kind of outdated VIN Definition routine. This was written in VB5 using an Access 97 database and DAO controls. It works best with GM vehicles, but supports some Ford, Chrysler, and Honda VIN numbers. There are a lot of options that could be added to this to make it a pretty good program. This was taken from a shop management app I wrote about 6 years ago.

HTML Builder

This is the source code for the HTML Builder available for download on the home page. This is a simple HTML editor that opens a web brower and updates it as you write your HTML code. It can be set up update every couple of seconds, or just when you click the Update button. Most of this web site was created using this editor. It is not fancy in any way shape or form, but works very well. It's a MDI form, containing a rich text box form, and an internet browser form. When you edit your HTML code in the text box, the changes can be viewed in the browser form. This makes it a lot easier than having to keep switching between two applications since you have both windows open and visible within the same application.

This page is still under development :)


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