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On this page you will find links to some of my development pages, as well as descriptions of some of the applications I have developed. I have been programming in Visual Basic for about 13 years, starting with VB4 and now VB.NET. My full time job is as an automotive technician, but programming is really my love (it just doesn't pay the bills yet).

There are a few downloadable applications on the VB6 development page, and a pretty good error handling routine you are more than welcome use. The Windows 2003 Server page is where I have been keeping notes for myself. I don't have much experience with servers, so this was a good start for me.

Visual Basic 6 Development Page

ASCII Key Code Chart

Windows 2003 Server, IIS, and Windows XP tips, tricks, and help

Hayes Modem Commands

Connection Strings - to access databases in Visual Basic.

From www.connectionsstrings.com

Here are my downloadable programs
These include HTML and RSS Utilities

These are some programs and utilities that are available for immediate download

Trial Software

Click here to download a trial edition of Crystal Reports Launcher for Windows 98, ME, or XP its a 6 meg (5,978 kb) download, msi file (Windows Installer)

This is a simple report launcher that will display a list of available reports in the selected directory, and display the files information like Author, Date Modified, and Comments. You can select a report that will be opened in the Crystal Reports viewer. Crystal Reports does not need to be installed on the machine running this app, so it can be installed on any machine that my need to access your reports.

Beta Versions

Web Page Maker Beta 1 - create your own web page in 5 simple steps.

  1. Give the page a name, title, and a background
  2. Enter a description, or text for the top of the page. This can be almost unlimited in size
  3. Add pictures to your page. Every picture can have a description of 250 characters or less
  4. Add FTP Information if you want to upload your page to a web server
  5. Click the Create Your Page button - your page is done! Click Upload to FTP and it's on the Web

Here are some of the applications I have developed for other companies

Federal Express File Conversion
Consolidated Reprographics File Conversion
Cable and Wireless File Conversion
The Windows Replacement Shell
Custom Reports Viewer (Displays Crystal Reports)
FileSync - A file transfer utility
Medisoft Collections Software
UShadow (Citrix Required) - Windows NT and 2000 Server user shadowing utility

Federal Express file conversion utility:

This program imports a fixed width file emailed from Fed-Ex, the file is broken down and sorted by Air Bill and matched to project numbers. If there is no match for a project number, a list is created that enables the user to correct any errors. A file is generated to import the data in to their Advantage software, and a remittance form is created to send back to Fed-Ex.

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Consolidated Reprographics:

This does about the same thing as Fed-Ex, but imports a delimited file. The records were sorted and an export file was created for their software.

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Cable and Wireless:

This software imported a long distance phone bill for GFA in Atlanta, sorted the records and matched them with projects they were working on. It added the employees name and checked to see if the call could be added to the cost of a current project. Then a file was created to import the data in to their Advantage software.

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The Windows Replacement Shell:

This handy little application will replace Explorer as the default shell for Windows 9x or NT if desired, or it could be used as a simple application launch utility. It is very easy to use, and cuts down on a lot of user problems. There are up to 12 buttons that can be assigned to launch applications. When pressing any of the available buttons, the application would start. Full command line parameters are supported, as well as icons for Control Panel, Task Agent, IPConfig, and PC Anywhere (if available). Any of the icons can be disabled through the Setup menu, which can be password protected for the systems administrator.

You can download a demo here, or at Stans web site:


Requires IE5.5 or later to be installed. Works on Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003

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Custom Reports:

This was a utility I created for Dryades Bank in New Orleans. It retrieves a list of reports and queries from an Access database. The user is then able to select up to 18 queries and 6 reports from the database to display on a form as buttons. The app also imported files from a Unisys Clearpath Mainframe running ITI's Premier Database, and allowed the user to run the queries or reports on this information.

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This program copies file from one location to another, checking file date and size if a file of the same name is in the destination directory. If desired, It can copy a directory tree, creating the new directories as needed. If the files are copied from a CD, the file attributes can be changed from Read-Only to Normal. This makes it easy to edit the copied files without having to manually change the attributes. This was written mainly for my personal use to copy files from my home PC to the PC where I work, the source code is available on this page.

You can download the latest version of this software here.

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Medisoft Collections Software:

This software was developed for a chiropractor in Louisiana. It uses the existing Medisoft database tables using the Advantage Database Server to create a list of past due accounts. Each account can be assigned to a clinic, and in turn, a collector can be assigned to each clinic. The collector has access to information on the patient, and the insurance carrier. A follow up table is populated using the chart table to build a list of past due accounts. Status codes assigned to each record can be used to set the next call back date and the status of the patients case. There are two notes fields for each record, one for Billing notes, and one for General notes.
Added Jan. 2005: Accounts Summary page, displays summary of transactions, accounts with balances, and accounts flagged for immediate attention by the manager.

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A Citrix MetaFrame Shadow utility that allows the Administrator to setup a group in which only users belonging to that group are visible to Shadow. A lot less complicated for the typical user to use rather than Citrix Management Console or Citrix Server Administrator. If using MetaFrame XP, you will still need to setup a policy for shadowing. Uses an .INI file to determine which group is to be used. You can have different directories, each with it's own .INI file, for publishing the Application to different users or groups. No installation required.

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Any of these applications or utilities are available for purchase, and can be modified for your company's needs. If there are any other custom software requirements, please let me know. A list of references can be supplied upon request. My email address is located on the bottom of this page.

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Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.



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