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I always heard too much text makes a web page very boring.
So when I think there are too many links on our Jokes Page, I'm gonna put the old ones here.
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Jokes from the Internet and Email

Here are some pretty good jokes friends and family have sent Jean and I over the years

Here are a few short jokes The Retirement Bonus The Talking Frog
R-Rated Riddles Things that make you go hmmmmmmm Forgive Your Enimies
Too Smart for First Grade The Three Ducks Barnyard Wisdom
The Frozen Chosen The BEST male beauty product on the Market! Are you the Weakest Link?
The Hit Man Coming Home Drunk - Again I've lost My Grampa!
The Tailgater The Cowboy in a new Church The Casino
Hired Help The Second Opinion
Satan's Sister The Penis Study Sunday Morning Sex
How to clean your toilet (and cat) Adult Fairy Tales A Priest and a Rabbi...
The Smart Parrot Three friends at a Cajun Congregation... Southern Trial
Dining Out A Final Appeal The Skunk
The Visiting Pastor The Race Horse What a Coincidence!
It's Dark in Here The Rectum Stretcher Viagra and the Elderly Gentleman
Elderly Jokes - Funny stuff! A cat died and went to Heaven...
Here is an add for a new Wonder Drug Marriage Humor