Binary Editor

The main screen

This program is not so much a binary editor as it is a tool to help locate tables in a binary file. After loading a binary file, you can add, highlight, view, and change table structures. This program was not intended to be a table editor. You can make changes in the binary file, but not the converted data. I had thought about adding this functionality, but ended up writing the tiny tuner instead. Most of the functions are very self explanitory so some of my explanations on this page may seem a little silly.

The latest version of this program and the tiny tuner both use an access database to store table information. By doing this, you can edit table structure or add tables with one tool and edit with the other. The same database is used for both programs.

Using the program

After opening the program, you will want to import a binary file. To do this, click the Load Binary button, locate the file you want to load and click Open. After tthe file is loaded, you should see a screen similar to the one above. On the right is the binary file in HEX format, and on the left is the table list (tree view and list view), details menu, and editing functions. You can search for a hex string by using hte Search button, or go directly to a cell by using hte Go To Cell button.

You can open 2 instances of this program and copy table to and from each one. When you click the Copy button, the table is written to an ini file in the start up folder - this is the file that is read when you click the Paste button. To add a table click Add, and to edit click Edit (pretty easy, right??)

Using the Mark Tables button on the top of the window, you can highlight tables in the binary grid making finding other tables much easier. Any table that is checked in the List View will be highlighted when you use this function. To select the tables you want to highlight, use the 3 button on the bottom of the List View pane. Mark All will mark all of the tables, Mark Mask will allow you mark tables that start with a string you enter, and Clear All will clear all of the check boxes. The Clear Grid button (undert the Mark Tables button) will clear the hex grid of all highlighted tables. If you check the "Mark Tables Cyan" box, then right clicking a table in the list and clikcing Color Selected Table will highlight that table in the hex grid in Cyan. Checking Color Added Tables will highlight each table as it's added in the hex grid. Copy Location to Clipboard will copy the table location to the clipboard. I used this when I mapped some tables for DHP, you probably will have no use for it at all.

There are several options you can configure when using this program.


Click here to download the public release of this software


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