CJ - A Little Angel

Here are some pictures of our son, a little angle named CJ.

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Click here to hear CJ talking - It was recorded on December 10th 2004

Home Depot - September 16 2007 - He's a BUG!

Here is a collage of CJ at 1024 X 768 - September 2004
The same collage at 800 X 600 - September 2004

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Here are some pics taken with our cell phones over the past few years

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My boy!

Feb. 26 2011 - CJ's new dirt bike!!

CJ Riding his dirtbike at Ingles

Another vid of him riding a Ingles

March 2011 - Riding on the trail we made in the back yard

April 2011 - CJ gets his Tiger patch!

May 2011 - Playing on his skateboard in the driveway

Happy Birth Day!


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