The Tiny Tuner

Download links for TinyTuner are at the bottom of this page

This program is the result of many hours sitting in front of a computer looking for tables to improve our tuning ability.
I could not have done this without the help or GTPRedfire, blemke, Perforator, and Zalfrin.
Please thank them as well if you decide to use this program and feel it's worth the time it took to develop it.

Tool Menu

Options Menu

Right Click Menu - Export

Tables that are exported from the Tiny Tuner have 2 sections. The top section is the main table display, and the bottom section is the same data, but in csv format. I did this for simplicity - this way I can export 1 file and use it to either view the table in text format, or import the file later.

Here is an example

Right Click Menu - Import

Currently this program will only import tables that were exported from the Tiny Tuner. I plan on adding more support for the other popular tuners in the future

Right Click Menu - Custom

If the pre-coded table modifiers (Add To Selected and Subtract From Selected) are not what you need, then the custom menu may help. You can add or subtract selected cells by any number, multiply by a percentage (entering 100 will make no changes - 50 will cut the value in half), or filling the selected cells with an entered value.

Update Details


Click the link below to download the latest version of the TinyTuner

Note:  When you run this program for the first time, be sure to select the database you want to use
and check the option to Use Database When Available. These are located on the Options menu.

Latest Tiny Tuner Application - Updated on 11-18-10 (190kb)

Latest Tiny Tuner Database - Updated on 10-30-10 (391kb)

Updated OSID table - Updated on 09-20-13 (391kb)

Here is a link to the thread on ClubGP when I released the public version this software.
There is a lot of information about the software in this thread as well as a place to ask questions or post problems.
DarkHorizon started a Sourge Forge page to aid in the development of the public release, that page is located here.


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